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C-mas global  tech. has produced not less than 200 qualified computer students all over the world. Today the world is turning to an ICT developed society due to the effort of some organizations just like C-mas Global Technological  Int'l. Are you a student or non and you are interested in working perfectly with a computer system, this is your oppoturnity grab it now beacause tommoro may be too late. In our world we have qualified computer enginners that you can be able to interact with,this will help you to elavate your learning status.Our certificates is a well accecpted one all over the world,with it you can work in any company of your choice provided that you can defend your self any where,in C-mas Tech. we trian,maintain, and lecture our products. Our mission is to be the best in the whole world. 

Great leaders find strength in a robust system of values. At C-mas Global Tech, six core values form the foundation of our Technology. Our companies, guest speakers, and mentors will embody of these great development. alu ddees. Staffs will be expected to uphold these v

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No 21 st. silas , Oyigbo Rivers State Port Harcourt
Adjacent to State House Medical Centre, Asokoro Abuja FCT.